Solar Spectical

On Monday, August 21, a lifetime event took place, the kind that people crowded from all four corners of America and beyond to witness. A total eclipse spread across the country, baffling the minds of thousands who were lucky enough to watch the event. People drove, flew, and rode just to get a glimpse of the beauty of the cosmos. An army of tourists in black glasses crowded the line of fire, their eyes focused to the sky as the sun went from a full orb to a mere crescent, shadowing the earth in its trail. In Madison County, the event, though not total, did create a memorable experience for those involved. All the students crowded on the bleachers, donning their specially designed glasses, provided by the school, to view the sun become overshadowed by the moon. In a total solar eclipse, a small part of earth is caught in the shadow of the moon as it passes in a rare ands specific path. The surrounding areas, like Madison County, experienced a partial eclipse. In this, the sun is mostly shadowing the earth, not allowing its observers to witness it without the special glasses. Regardless, the event was a memorable spectacle that its witnesses will be able to look fondly back on for years to come.