The Red and Grey

Has Santa always been our parents?

Megan Daves, Upcoming Events

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Remember waking up on Christmas Day, finding exactly what you wanted from “Santa Claus?” Remember how he slid down a fireplace if you possessed one, and if you did not, he walked through your front door? Remember how nine reindeer from the North pole lead his sleigh to deliver presents to kids all over the world? Remember feeling the wonder of all that magic until one unforgettable day, it gets spoiled by a classmate, a sibling, or a distressed adult who accidentally lets the secret slip.  Release all of that anger and distress caused from the realization that Santa is nothing more than a lie, because in fact, several years ago, Santa very much existed. “Santa Claus” originated by a man named “St. Nicholas,” born around the time of 280 A.D., near Myra, in modern day Turkey. Many admired St. Nicholas for his piety and kindness. He used all his inherited wealth to travel around the world and help the poor and sick. “St. Nicholas” became well known when he prevented  a father from selling three poor sisters in slavery and prostitution. He helped the girls by providing the girls with a dowry so they could be married, enabling them to marry. This great act of kindness boosted his popularity, and earned him the reputation the protector of children and sailors. This act of kindness passed over into the Christmas legend we know and love today.


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Has Santa always been our parents?