The Red and Grey

Tragedy in America

Joshua Kincaid, Writer

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    Society deals with the fact that people die everyday. When a mass number of people get murdered in a short time, however, the tables turn. In Las Vegas, Nevada on October 1st, 2017, fifty-eight people died while 546 people suffered injuries.

      On a cool October day, the mass shooting took place at a Jason Aldean by sixty-four year old Stephen Paddock. Paddock took ten suitcases, all filled with guns, to the now notorious Mandalay Hotel. He shot from the thirty-second floor of the hotel, from a window overlooking the concert. The shooting lasted for over 10 agonizing minutes. Many people first mistook the gunfire for fireworks, but even those who knew the source from the start, found it hard to escape, largely in part of the gate surrounding the lot.

        The heat from the gun set the fire alarm off in Paddock’s hotel room, and police rushed right to him. However, when they arrived, the perpetrator laid dead from self-inflicted wounds.

         The motives behind the shooting remain unknown, but one thing stands clear. Stephen Paddock unleashed a terro onto unsuspecting crowd on that sad October day. When a terroristic act like this occurs, America needs to unite and band together to bring peace across the nation.

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Tragedy in America