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Gun Control

Joshua Kincaid, Writer

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(The following article is referring to semi/fully automatic guns only)

On October 1, 2017, the world felt shocked upon learning about the fifty-eight people shot and killed and the 546 people wounded during the Jason Aldean concert in Las Vegas. Tragedies like the Las Vegas shootings seem to be occurring more often; because of these shootings, many people believe we need more gun banning and tighter restrictions need to be placed on guns owners, while others strongly disagree.

         Defensive uses of firearms greatly outnumber the criminal uses. According to the, based on a study by CDC in 2013, around 500,000-three million defensive gun uses occur, while only 11,000 firearm homicides and around 400,000 nonfatal illegal gun uses took place. Evidence shows most people understand how to use a gun for the greater good.

  Banning guns often fails. According to the, when Britain banned guns in 1997, a dramatic increase in gun related homicides took place. The rates only started to decline when the country upgraded its police force.

People often partake in illegal activities. Cocaine kills vital organs, but people still use it, so why is it different for someone to illegally obtain a gun and use it on people unable to protect themselves.

        Lastly, the statistics lack in showing that more guns equals more violence. According to the CDC, between 1993 and 2003, gun ownership increased by fifty-six percent while gun violence declined by almost fifty percent. Although people believe in a need for an increase in gun control, over time, the problem of gun violence has reduced.

        As Ben Shapiro says, “Facts don’t care about your feelings.” Obviously, gun control needs to stay where it belongs. The facts contribute to the reason many believe the current restrictions on guns remains unnecessary.

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Gun Control