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Dear family issues

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Dear Myrtle,

I have been friends with the same group of guys for four years now. They’ve become my second family. However, people are telling them lies. They believe them over me. Lately they have hurt me a lot, and I’m tired of it. I ride the bus with them, so I have to see them, so I have to see them every day. Should I walk away or stay and hope they believe in me?

Sincerely, Family Issues


Dear Family Issues,

If you are telling them that the lies are not true, and they still do not believe you, then it shows their trust is not very strong to begin with. If they have gone a step further and actually hurt you emotionally, simply on whatever they have heard, then they cannot really be as close as family. Real families may have their issues, but they will ultimately stick by each other, so if your friends do not, then they are not worth putting in the effort to stay. It may be hard, but you deserve people who will value what you have to say and not let lies and rumors get to them.


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Dear family issues