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Dear Overwhelmed

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Dear Myrtle,

I have a lot going on between homework, clubs, and my friends. I don’t know how t manage it all. Can you help me?



Dear Overwhelmed,

Time management is a huge stressor, and oftentimes, it is best to take a step back to breathe, then start with your priorities. High school can be very overwhelming, so it is good to take things with an easy, and relaxed attitude. If you have any free time in your club, you can finish homework in your free time, or hang out with friends. Also, if your club is not fun for you and it seems like more trouble than its worth, it might be best to drop it and focus on school and keeping your mental sanity. Let your friends know you need some time to yourself, or your school. If they really care about you, they’ll understand. Friends should make you feel more relaxed, not more stressed. As for homework, be sure to take breaks after a big section is done. Text friends for a bit, have some tea, and hype yourself for the second part, same goes for studying. The key is to stay calm, relaxed, and always have time to chill and unwind.


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Dear Overwhelmed