Denise McGill

Nolan Brooks, Web designer and editor

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  Art by: Denise McGill

The art of photography conveys emotion by taking a scene or an object and creating a story. Light serves as an essential element of a photograph because it can set the mood and  general feel the audience receives from the picture. Contrast and composition provide ways the photographer conveys a personal touch or their emotions like a canvas. Photography art often uses editing to make a picture seem abstract or symbolic to carry a message. Like many forms of art, photography art meanings often are perceived differently from one another. The above picture shows a piece done by Denise McGill, who works in photoshop to create symbolism within her pictures. The Invisible Man, by McGill, demonstrates how the artist adds meaning into their work. The use of shadows and rain adds a darker feel to the picture, giving the “invisibility” a deeper meaning as well. Art projects motion to the artist’s creation through color, composition, and the overall theme portrayed.