The Red and Grey

Martin Luther King Jr.

Brittany Chatham, Reviews

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Growing up in an interracial family, I failed to understand the controversy between whites and blacks, as well as the importance of holding a holiday for a single man. I neglected to comprehend what made him so inspirational. Although teachers took the time to mention his significance and impacts on civil rights, I never truly understood why people were treated differently based on the color of their skin. One day, everything clicked and I realized the overwhelming impact of one amazing individual. Martin Luther King Jr. stood up for us as a nation, alongside many other civil rights activists, to bring us together as a whole. He gave speeches such as “ I Have A Dream” to inspire many to believe “ all men are created equal.” During that time, his actions showed great bravery because he voiced the idea that African Americans were equal to any white man, which many disagreed with. King, raised in a house of equality and justice, saw color as a characteristic, not a reason to judge or degrade.

King raised questions of why black men were stopped from sitting at tables or drinking out of the same water fountains. Because of all the struggles African Americans faced, King refused to give up when times got rough; for instance, even when arrested for protesting, he stayed determined to project the truth to the people through the “Letter to Birmingham,” written to defend nonviolent resistance to racism. He brought strangers together to fight for a cause, with results that changed the future for generations still to come. His speeches never blamed whites for wrong doing, but, asked them to question their actions. Although his marches, protests, and boycotts started out as non violent, some failed to end as well as they started, those who believed African Americans to be unequal often initiated the violence.

Even though King faced many trials and tribulations with the war against segregation, he made an impact on the world through his example that actions equal accomplishment.

Today, America celebrates King’s  name with statues, posters, streets and schools named after him, honoring the significance of his impact of non-segregation and equality. Thanks to him, discrimination against races no longer drives us apart, but acceptance brings us together.

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Martin Luther King Jr.