August Teacher of the Month

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Mrs. Christie Haggard received the great honor of the MCHS Teacher of the Month award for the month of August. As a member of the graduating class of 1991, Mrs. Haggard ‘s love for MCHS began as a student, and in 2001, she became a teacher at our beloved school. Outside of school, Mrs.Haggard loves spending time with her family and friends, enjoying the beach, camping in the mountains, reading a great novel, and baking delish cakes. Her favorite pastimes include cheering on the Georgia Bulldogs!

Although Mrs.Haggard’s initially planned to pursue a career in Psychology, her passion for Journalism and English won out in the end. During high school, Haggard spent all four years pouring her heart  into the MCHS Hilltopper, serving as section editor for her first three years and editor-and-chief during her senior year. Mrs. Haggard also experienced the privilege of being under the tutelage of amazing English teachers, including Mrs. Linda Freeman and Mrs. Lillian Chandler both instilling within her a great love of Literature. All of these factors contributed to leading Mrs. Haggard on the path of joining the MCHS’ faculty seventeen years ago. Mrs. Haggard spent twelve of these years as the yearbook adviser and the past three teaching Journalism.

Mrs. Haggard also finds great joy in helping others, which lead her to become adviser of the MCHS Anchor Club, a community service organization sponsored by the Pilot Club. This club allows her to display her love for others by encouraging young people to volunteer their time  in numerous activities and truly make a difference. While the Anchors work to improve their community, they have the extraordinary opportunity to spend quality time with Mrs. Haggard. When questioned about Mrs. Haggard, Anchor member,  sophomore Julianna Nichols, stated, “Being around Mrs.Haggard brings a smile to everyone she encounters. Her bright spirit is truly one of a kind and unique, spending even five minutes with her totally changes your day and even your week. I know that meeting Mrs. Haggard has truly changed my life forever.”  Mrs. Haggard devotes much time and love to her students and her club. She received an award for the 2016 Anchor Adviser of the year.

Ultimately, Mrs.Haggard became a teacher because her love for others persisted so strong, and she wished to inspire her students to their very best. When questioned about her favorite aspect of teaching, she quickly replied, “Hands-down, my students! Each student, whether they realize it or not, is special and forever makes a forever imprint on my heart.” One of the qualities which makes Mrs. Haggard extraordinary includes her willingness to listen to her students and assist them with their problems, large or small. She treats students with a mutual respect and enjoys watching them grow and succeed. As each students make an imprint on her life, she also leaves a bright spot in each and everyone of their hearts. When asked what words of wisdom she cared to share with her students, she responded “Life is short; embrace every moment, and never miss a chance to tell someone you love them.” Mrs. Haggard exercises this motto everyday, as she always concludes each class by shouting, “I love,” ensuring all of her students know how much she cares about and treasures them.

Mrs.Haggard got nominated and won the August “Teacher of the Month” award because of her compassion and the impact she imparts on her students. If anyone deserves this award, it definitely is Christie Haggard, as she holds the qualities of kindness, respect, determination and passion for her job.