Studying Strategies

Nikki Nicholson

Studying for a test often proves challenging for many students. Fortunately, many strategies exist to make studying much easier and effective.

One example of a great study strategy involves taking ten to fifteen minutes out of each day to study any materials provided by the teacher. Actually seeing the information numerous times enables the student to commit the information to memory more easily. Viewing the materials early also allows time to speak to the teacher about any information which might be confusing.

For those who dislike studying straight from the materials and find it difficult, making flash cards serves as an excellent alternative for helping achieve success. Flash cards require a person to break down the information by paraphrasing and making little notes on either Quizlet or index cards. Many find flash cards less overwhelming than pages full of notes.

Another option for studying involves making a foldable. Unlike flash cards, a foldable consists of more in depth notes and information.Foldables give students a fast, easy activity that helps them organize and retain the information.

Utilizing these study strategies may prove extremely beneficial in helping students maintain good grades or improving bad ones during this final semester of the year.