FFA Week


Nikki Nicholson

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During the week of February 12-16, Future Farmers of America, also known as FFA, hosted a week of dressing in attire to represent their club. On Monday students dressed in nerd clothes including bow ties, taped glasses, khakis, and sweater vest, representing a specific piece of the FFA emblem, the owl, which acts as a sign of wisdom. On Tuesday, students dressed in Hawaiian attire to match the Rising sun, representing progress in agriculture or a new day in agriculture. Wednesday’s theme was Ag based career, in representation of the plow, representing labor and hard work. On Thursday, students dressed in American clothes to represent the eagle and the freedom and ability to explore new horizons for the future of agriculture. On Friday students wore FFA clothes to wrap up the week. This bit of fun achieved the goal of acknowledging and appreciating Madison County’s Future Farmers of America.