Swim Team

Joshua Kincaid

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Madison County’s Macy Mullis made history this year. She reigns as the first ever MCHS swimmer to ever compete.

       Mullis held a great passion for swimming, but she knew MCHS lacked a swim team. However, she refused to let that stand in her way; she went to the administrators and convinced them to create a  school swim team. Ninth grade teacher Anne Poss “led” the swimmer as her coach. Even though the school lacked a pool, truly dedicated, Mullis practiced at the UGA Ramsey Center before and after school.

      Although, Macy practiced independently from the school, her competitions were GHSA regulated. She practiced at the UGA Ramsey Center during the season, and her training paid off, as she qualified to participate in state. Her fellow classmates traveled to support her, so she competed hard to win. Unfortunately, she finished in third, but as a young freshman, she looks to continue a bright career.

        This is Madison County High School’s first swim team in history, and it looks to keep going strong.