The Right to Heritage

Danielle Berthelot

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Birthright means having a particular privilege given at birth, derived from genetics, heredity, etc. Organizations create ways to fund different events to give people chances to explore their ancestors’ origin. Birthright Israel, a great example of an amazing organization, provides this opportunity to people around the world.  This also involves great chance to learn more about a person’s heritage and where their ancestors came from.

Birthright Israel offers extraordinary experiences to people accepted into the program. This non-profit organization educates people about the religious history of Judaism and how it evolved. If accepted, Birthright sponsors a free ten day trip to Israel for people ranging between 18-32. Licensed Israeli tour guides become authorized to lead the trips that happen year round.

Different activities, places, and other traditions create a way to learn about their heritage. Traveling though the beautiful country of Israel for ten days to places such as the Wailing Wall, Jerusalem, and the Dead Sea definitely offers the total cultural and religious experience.Since a down payment of 250 dollars, required when registering, is returned once the trip ends, the trip is mostly paid for. The CEO of this organizations helps pay for the trips that take place in summer and winter. The Israel trip takes care of airfare, hotel, two meals a day, security, and all transportations throughout the country. The only money really spent includes the souvenirs bought.

Although untrue, some assume that people want to go on this trip because of the essentially free price, however going on this trip is a once in a lifetime experience in which Jewish people need to participate.