FCCLA State Competitions

Julianna Nichols

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On Friday, March 9, 2018 the Madison County High School’s  FCCLA traveled to complete in STAR events. STAR events stands for Students Taking Action with Recognition and involves students competing  in different events in which members get recognized for proficiency and achievement in chapter and individual projects, leadership skills, and career preparation. MCHS students, Julianna Nichols, Faith Lewis, Destiny Chatham, Trinity Merit, Ibreyana Butler, Cheyenne Kytle, Nichole Vlasic attended this year’s event.

Some of these young ladies competed alone, while others grouped together to tackle the mission of trying to reach nationals. Once reaching Atlanta on Friday the students each attended an orientation on their STAR event project to learn the information about the following day. Friday afternoon, the members met the candidates  for the new state officers. On Friday night, all of the FCCLA students, advisors, and guests walked to the American Mart to listen to their state officers speak of their experiences during FCCLA. The extraordinary guest speaker,John Beede, told his experiences of climbing his different mountains, including Mount Everest, he encouraged each of the students to climb their own mountain, to keep on pushing, and never give up.

On Saturday morning, each  member woke up early in order to eat a quick breakfast. Before venturing off to their competitions. Destiny, Trinity, and Ibreyana’s competitions began at 9:00 am, which meant arriving at 8:30 am because at State Competition, everyone follows “FCCLA time, ”this means arriving at least thirty minutes before any event. Julianna and Faith’s competition began at 9:30 am; however, both girls needed to set up their display at 8:30 am. Competition holds the nerves of each young lady, beginning with waiting to deliver a speech, to actually making the presentation, and finally, the worst part, waiting outside while the judges discuss the presentation before delivering feedback. Judges deduct points from the rubric for simple things, such as stuttering or forgeting to make eye contact.

After lunch on Saturday, members relaxed by the pool, hot tub, the gym, or just in their rooms. Saturday night, the new state officers were chosen based upon the votes from each chapter. After the meeting, time to dance. A galla opened to all members for them to bust a move with their new friends took place until 11:00.  

Finally, Sunday morning, all the members ventured back the American Mart for the awards to be handled out. Also, the teams which made it to nationals were announce after the all the members began their journey back home. Despite the distance traveled to the state competition, each member takes home memories and new friends.