Pro Gun Control

Danielle Berthelot

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Despite the United States Constitution’s second amendment giving citizens the right to own guns, some control must be enforced. Many people buy guns for their own protection. Hearing about “self defence” cases, involving the intruder getting killed poses the controversy of self defense. A great example of this involves the case against Oscar Pistorius, aka “The Blade Runner.” Pistorius, a double amputee, shot his girlfriend four times in 2013. Because he shot multiple times, the jury, as well as most the nation, found it difficult to believe his claim of self-defense. Though self-defence is certainly necessary at times, anyone holds the power to kill and blaming it solely on the feeling of being threatened explains why the nation needs to limit gun control so misusing the law can help be prevented. According to, “464,033 total gun deaths between 1999 and 2013. Firearms were the twelfth leading cause of death, representing 1.3% of total deaths, topping liver disease.” Owning a gun may help in some situations, but the need of multiple guns increases the number of deaths in the world, as “About 200 Americans go to the emergency rooms each day with gunshot wounds” ( Stores continue selling guns without informing customers how to operate the weapon, and they allow people with mental illnesses or felonies to purchase them.

Many believe that in order to control gun violence, background checks for owners and buyers should serve as a requirement. If those possessing charges for domestic violence, assault, or recorded mental illnesses seek to buy or own a gun, sellers should question them. states that a “woman’s risk of being murdered increases 500% if a gun is present during a domestic dispute. Five women are murdered with guns everyday in the United States.” The presence of guns makes crimes more likely to become violent or deadly. The owning of a gun increases the chance of deaths or injuries during a conflict.

Gun violence contributes to a constant rise in crime rates. With more people buying guns, the nation struggles to keep up with all the crimes reported. By improving the qualifications required to buy or own a gun, the nation, as a whole, will slowly but surely decrease in the number of deaths per year.