MC Proud of our Silence

Julianna Nichols

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Madison County High School often uses the phrase, MC Proud or the saying, “I am MC Proud”. On March 14, 2018, teachers and students both respectively showed MC Pride. On this day during advisement, students received the option of going to the school’s main gym to honor and remember the fourteen students and three teachers killed in Parkland, Florida on February 14, 2018. Along with honoring these people the students also remembered all those around the country who lost their life due to a school shooting.

Before beginning the silence, Mr.Berryman spoke a few words along with senior David Qiu, student council officer; both spoke briefly on the importance of our school coming together in the face of tragedy. Barbara Mikulski once said, “Each one of us can make a difference. Together we make change.” On March fourteenth, Madison County High School students made a change by the students coming together as one person, standing in honor of the fallen.

Once the silence began, it consumed the room and everyone inside. Even with over half  the student body and teachers filling the gym, it remained completely silent. Times such as this represent the perfect opportunity to show the pride of a MC Raider, times when students and teachers come together for a common need. During the silence, a feeling spread, from person to person, throughout the gym; it was unity. Despite all of the differences of the students in the gym, everyone stood together with a common purpose, to display support for those no longer here and to show that Madison County comes together when it counts.