Student Wills

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I, Ana Abarca, leave Yolanda Abarca my anime posters and my love for Korean pop music.


I, Cruz Albarron, leave Kevin Albarron all my wisdom and advice on what to do and how to do well in school, not great, but just enough to get by.


I, Maria Albarron, leave every highschooler behind me the ability to keep going on in school and GRADUATE. To Nedia and Reyna, I leave my love and encouragement of going far in life.


I, Blake Anderson, leave Chase Gibson my money because Lord knows he does not need it, but whatever. To my brother, Jarret Moore, I leave my ability to get through high school.


I, Yeni Antonio, leave Jessica Antonio the courage to knock down obsticles that get in the way to graduate, as well as the courage to never stop trying and to use her skills to get far in life.


I, Guadalupe Arroyo, leave Journey Gurly the ability and skill to deal with and annoy Coach Barnett.


I, Travis Babineau, leave the joy of guitar to my underclassmen. I hope there is someone taking guitar class and having the time of their life.


I, Jackson Bailey, leave Elijah Wessenger my #7 football jersey and to Tito Gainy, I leave my #21 basketball jersey. To Adam Metts, I leave my basketball locker. To Jordan Bailey, I leave the title of “best Bailey at MCHS.”


I, Trey Bales, leave Tyler Rice my copy of Tom Clancy’s Wildlands, good luck my friend.


I, Amber Barnett, leave Cheyanne Grizzle my new bookbag. I leave Jacob Carter my endless supply of Econ notes.


I, Savannah Bird, leave Jordyn Hanley my position as “Weather W00000000oman” and all of the McChickens in Franklin Springs. To Sarah Kate Thomas, I leave the only parking spot left at 8:02 and room 311 in Columbus GA. To Cory Yarbrough, I leave the comfy chair in Mrs.Coile’s office.


I, Destiny Brock, leave Austin Brock the ability to stay awake in class. To Alex Shelton, I leave endless hugs. Also to Grady Queen, I leave my sanity to get through your next three years.


I, Logan Brown, leave Jarred Bolton the student section leadership. To Colby Smith, I leave my water wet shot on the court.


I, Eliana Burkhalter, leave Madisyn Temple my ability to procrastinate and still pass all my classes. To Carly Damron, I leave my ability to wake up at 7:50 and still make it to school on time.


I, Robert Butler, leave Andy and Chris Butler my procrastination skills. I do not need that anymore. Dolla dolla bill ya’ll!


I, Savannah Campbell, leave my brother Gabriel Shelton much luck through the next 3 years of highschool, and I am so proud of the young man he’s becoming. I also leave him fun nights full of laughter with friends


I, Mary Michael Chasteen, leave all the long soccer practices and games to Selena Simmons. To Lydia Todd, I leave the many exhausting hours of theater rehearsals and exhilerating performances; keep shining and be confident honey. To Cameron, I leave FCA sessions. To Caroline Beach, I leave my yearbook duties, and to Noah Bond, I leave my love for music and chocolate.


I, Brittany Chatham, leave Destiny Chatham my skills and ability to focus on academics. To Douglas White, I leave my heart with you and take with me my love. To all my teachers I had, I leave my complaints, bad attitude, and bad/unhappy days.


I, Lance Chitwood, leave Emma Huff Hardee’s biscuits every morning, and my A in Pre Cal because I know she’ll need it, also all our great memories we made in highschool. I leave Luke Perdue the title of “Best looking truck” because mine won’t be here anymore.


I, Taylor Cleveland, leave Lydia Todd all my good memories in chorus and the musicals.


I, Joshua Cotton, leave Haydon Morris the ice in my veins and the ability to crush the hope out of everyone on the court.


I, Serenity Cowart, leave Sydney Cowart my sanity and drive to make it through highschool. To Brenden Slaney, I leave all of the great conversations and laughs we shared. To Kaylee Ray, Lydia Todd, Makenna Coile, and Sophie Merkel, I leave the MCHS Book Club: a novel bunch.


I, Laura Beth Crane, leave Ja’kiah Hitchcock the courage and will power to get through high school.


I, Jonny Crouse, leave Noah McFarlin the jean blanket. To Mason McFarlin, I leave my mad guitar and banjo skills. To Austin Shiflet, I leave my trash talking skills and my expertise in getting kicked out of basketball games, and to Seth Peck, I leave the basketball student section.


I, Hannah Dawson, leave Summer Gaines the wisdom of seniors as she comes through junior and senior years. To Adam Carey, I leave my skills of dealing with the teachers he may not get along with.


I, Katie Dean, leave Lauren Reece my seat in Mr. Wilkes class, my seat at lunch detention, and the ability to be tardy.


I, Jared Dobbs, leave Montez my ability to enforce order in the locker room with my famous chokehold.


I, Cold Doster, leave Macy Mullis all my knowledge on how to high school. To Matt Brannon, I leave the tennis throne. To Mason and Noah McFarlin, I leave my blue “w” flag and my blue megaphone. To Austin Shiflet, I leave my dumb jokes, and finally to Jacob Dixon, I leave my section of the basketball student section.


I, Heather Elkins, leave Alyssa Elkins and Camryn Elkins the strength and patience to make it through the rest of high school and life. To Amber Braswell, I leave the ability to be the bestest friend anyone can ask for.


I, Karissa Embry, leave Brooke Hooper my #10 jersey and my locker for Red Raider softball; treat it well and wear it proud! I leave Carly Damron the ability to use my RBF whenever it is needed. I leave Madisyn Temple my driving skills; be safe out there young blood! I leave my overused mind and sleep deprivation to all underclassmen; you are welcome!


I, Sydney Emery, leave Jay McPhearson the middle hitter position. Own it girl. I leave Reanartta Bradford the alto section and I leave Lydia Todd the chorus class. Finally, I leave my yellow lambs dress to Zac Patton. Shim sham well babe!


I, Caleb Epps, came to this school about as hollow as I was one year before and one year later. That was my first year. My second was a repetition of my life everyday. third was realizing I had no fond or hatred memories. My last one… well.. I’m no fairytale.


I, Madison Epps, leave Taylor Andrews Homecoming Queen the year she graduates, and I leave Cassie Beam my personality.


I, Jeremy Evans, leave Tamaris and Willie Gaines the ability to make it to state in the 4×4 for years to come. To Demyus Watts, I leave you my good hair growing ability, so you can actually grow. To Rowan Smith, I leave you the 4×1.


I, Peter Faulkner, leave Cameron Brown my half of the captain spot on varsity soccer. To Matt Brannon, I leave my amazing three point shot. To Savannah Butler, I leave my amazing tennis skills as well as my constant enthusiasm.


I, Hannah Feener, leave Trinity Cronic my weird sense of style in fashion and terrible hair choices. To Traveon Latimore, I leave my nice shoes and cookie Mondays.

Autumn Foster, leave my headset to Zoe Patton. To Gaven Kittle, I leave all of my stage manager duties, and to Abby Flores, I leave all of my Ritz crackers and post rehearsal dinner dates.


I, Noah Fowler, leave “Fear is not real. It is a product of thoughts you create. Do not misunderstand me. Danger is very real. But fear is a choice.”- Will Smith


I, Ethan Frank, leave Kale McClure and Tate Venable my amazing taste in music and movies.


I, Abby Gilley, leave McKinsey Seagraves my parking spot in the teacher lot and to Taylor Lester, my BMW because Fords are no good. To Erin Temple, my FFA skills. Katelyn Moon, I leave the ability to look me in the eye. Lastly, I leave Mrs.Haggard all my love.


I, Ridge Glenn, leave Nate Sarna the ability to annoy Mr.Jones. I leave Presley McCarty my good intuition. I leave my good mood to Tate Venable. May you stay smiling.


I, Stephanie Hallan, leave Courtney Ledford my smile and a great advice, never give up. I leave all other friends love and happiness. To my little brothers who come through, don’t let people tear down your spirit. To Zachary and Justin Owens, keep a smile, and to Victoria Davis, I leave my heart because you are my little sister.


I, Graci Hallenbeck, leave Jordyn Hanley with the gold team. Play your heart out and lead with integrity. I leave Sarah Kate Thomas the aux cord and McDonalds. Jam out girl. To Madison Lovelace, I leave the good paintbrushes in AP Art. Create masterpieces my friend. Lastly, I leave my heart to Mookae Htoo. You are loved.


I, Addie Haynes, leave the yearbook staff all my love. To Macy Mullis, I leave the ability and duty to brighten people’s days. To Emily Austin, I leave “the diary”.


I, Holley Haynes, I leave Havyn Cox my wardrobe. I leave McKinsey Seagraves my amazing bowling skills, and I leave Taylor Lester a stress/drama free senior year, as well as all of my binders. Get work done!


I, Naomi Herring, leave “my fans” Gina Belles, the park, and my love. To Tara Janosik, I leave my spotify password. To Madison Lovelace, I leave my card skills. To Kale McClure, I leave my ability to crush anyone, anywhere at Risk. To Keri Janosik, I leave all of my next year’s goal kicks.


I, Cori Hicks, leave my brother, Alex Hicks, my scraps of reputation and rightful spite. To Vincent, I leave my ability to traverse social interactions and optimism, with a hopeful dash of charisma and creative ability. Don’t die ya’ll.


I, Maddie Howell, leave Brooke Howell the perfect child status and the ability to have better attendance than me. I also leave all my clothes you wear without asking.


I, Jay Ivey, leave Bradley Dixon my legacy as a baileyver. To Seth Peck, I leave my love for NF’s music. To Wendy Qiu, I leave my executive position in Student Council, and to Erin Temple, my dislike for school.


I, Ariel Jackson, leave Bree Knight and Emma Rozier the ability to dance out through anything and everything. To my brother Zachary Jackson, I leave the ability to buy the teachers.


I, Sarah Jacobs, leave Tara Janosik my ability to skip soccer practices and not get in trouble. Riley Parker and Madison Lovelace, I leave my nonexistent art skills. Kale McClure, I leave my favorite excuses for being late to class (aka I didn’t want to be here). And Tate Venable, I leave all my AP Econ notes (good luck reading them).


I, Anna Johnson, leave “my fans” the ability to play cards anywhere and everywhere, all the time.


I, Sarah Johnson, leave “my fans” my ability to play cards anywhere and anytime, as well as my hatred for this place.


I, CJ Jones, give #JuulGang to rising seniors. #DI4Juul .


I, Morgan Jones, leave Xaiver King the ability to not care what others think and the will power to withstand all the hardship that may come his way. I leave Ryan Tran all the high fives and waves in the world!


I, Triston Jones, leave my almost having a 4.0 GPA to anyone who is so close to having one, but doesn’t. #RIP


I, Kaylin Kidd, leave McKinsey Seagraves and Taylor Lester my ability to find the good in every situation and fun times with friends. To Havyn Cox, I leave my punctuality to class and bad memory that always forget things.


I, Hunter Lee, leave my PS4 and Twitch account to Landon Daniels and to take care of my Jeep as well.


I, Alden Loftis, leave Matt Brannon a sack of granola. To Bree Strickland and Callie Ollis, I leave the responsibility of tennis team dinners. To Spencer King, I leave a Motrin, and to Mookae Htoo, I leave all of my love.


I, Summer Manders, leave my yearbook abilities to Makayla Arrendale, along with the business manager position to Joy Posey. Thank you for all the support and friendship. To James May, I leave all my happiness and love. Thank you for making my last year the best one.


I, Kalynn Mathis, leave Autumn Peifer all of my procrastination and unfinished work. To Josh Kincaid, I leave my amazing humor.


I, Holten McGaha, leave Garrett Dowell my baseball locker and my perfected P.O. abilities. To Cohen Strickland, I leave my parking spot under the shady tree, and to Hayden Morris, I leave my ability to drain a three on command.


I, John McLendon, leave my good luck to Tate Venable, even though he ignored my handshake after Bigfish.


I, Grant Miller, leave my bad Fortnite skills to Joe Lukas. To Mason and Noah McFarlin, I leave the ability to be as smooth as me.


I, Ryan Miller, leave my lunch table to Trey.


I, Jackie Mireles, leave nothing because I don’t know you guys. Enjoy every minute of high school; it’ll fly by.


I, Parker Minish, leave Hallee Nash my soccer parking spot by the stop sign. I leave, my sister, Lexi Minish my #6 soccer jersey. Wear it proudly little sis, I know you will do big things. I also leave Lexi, the Minish Legacy, treat it well! I leave Carly Damron the ability to dress down everyday and my ability to procrastinate, good luck! To Adam Echols, AKA Smech, I leave my insanely good football skills, go wreck some people. #powderpuff .


I, Braxton Moore, leave Aidan Moore all of my tardies and bad habits to get through your years. Have fun brat and Mattie Harris, I leave my truck so be easy with her please!


Clucky Nguyen: I stayed on my own lane and didn’t follow the crowd. Never had problems or arguments, I like to keep it that way.


I, Macey Noland, leave Tay all the mexican food you could eat and the ability to save many more “Toms”. To Caroline Barnett, I leave the many weight training jokes, and the ability to never stop laughing. To Tyler Nash, I leave the rolly chair and the ability to eh kinda cook. To Austin Brock, I leave all the lake trips and tubing accidents; lean right. To Preston Johnson, I leave my role and freestyling skills, and thats a wrap.


I, Duncan Patton, leave Dusty Farmer my welding booth, Landon Foster my welding jacket, and Austin Brown the Beef Show Team.


I, Nate Porterfield, leave my accent to Austin Baddeley. I leave my 2k skills to Jacob Bray.


I, Erica Power, leave Cory Yarbrough my sassy attitude and all my eye rolls. To Harlee Yarbrough, I leave my hatred of math class and endless pep talks about life. Also to Gigi Moore, I leave my smart mouth and ability to get through school.


I, David Qiu, leave Wendy Qiu my intelligence and workethic to allow her to finish high school and reach her dream goals.


I, Karly Reynolds, leave Cassie Beam my space in the cheer locker room, my seat to baseball games, and the back table in the lunchroom. I also leave my tardiness to school and confidence to finish out senior year to Jarred Bolton.


I, Baylee Roberts, leave Wendy Qiu my Econ binder.. You will need it.


I, Brooklyn Russel, leave Jacob Moore all our laughs and inside jokes. I leave Mr. Mangan every “hey Mangan” ever. I leave Cawthan all my trash artwork so he can make it something incredible. I leave both Mrs. Gordan and Mrs. Thornton all my love. Lastly, I leave Mr. Brian Jones all the talent I do not have.


I, Heather Saye, leave Ashley Huff, the ability to deal with all the people who do not know how to walk up the right side of the stairs.


I, Leah Scarborough, leave my extreme case of Senioritious and long nights of working and studying to Ray Bradford.


I, Michael Self, have nothing to leave anyone!


I, Sierra Shirley, leave the future Book Club officers with the ideas and memories of amazing times. To Breanna Shirley, I leave my love of reading. To Brenden Slaney, I leave the crazy bus rides. To Sydney Cowart, I leave the encouragement and will to get through 10th grade. To all future chorus members, I leave the love of singing.


I, Merry Skelton, leave my endless supply of flat earth memes to my beloved son Betheny. To Madison, I leave my ability to improvise. To Jorden, I leave all my “your mom” jokes. To the entire Claronet Section, I leave the ability to play Bayou Break Down at 200 and to Summer, I leave an endless supply of cereal.


I, Melanie Smith, leave Lydia Todd my love for music. To Abby Roberts, I leave my tape wrapping skills for the team, and to Anniston Bales, my patience in the dealing with the team.


I, Will Stevens, leave Logan Fitzpatrick the skills to catch a limit of trout without asking me why I am outfishing him.


I, Vannah Strozier, leave Crystal Reed the huddle before a volleyball match. To the volleyball team, I leave positivity and sweet dance moves. To Jordan Leverett, I leave nap time in the library and the breakfast club.


I, Noah Grace Supakorndej, leave Emma Strickland the ability to find out who her friends are, biscuits in the morning, and expresso shot-filled starbucks for exams.


I, Jose Teran, leave my Xbox to Eric. To Raul Bolanos, I leave my #12 jersey for soccer.


I, Hayleigh Turner, leave Matti Griffeth my #6 softball jersey and my FCA leaders the ability to lead those lost fearlessly. I leave Laken Minish the drive to break track and softball records. I leave Brooke Hooper a loving but careless attitude, and I leave Ella Chancey the strength and courage to lead and believe in yourself.


I, Helen Tran, leave Kaylee Ray the dusty, dark corner of every classroom. To my brother Derek Tran, I leave three broken 3DS’s.


I, Keairra Upshaw, leave Ja’kiah Hitchcock my entire closet and all the joy in the world for her to continue her journey.


I, Jared Wiley, leave Wyatt Dalton the lunch table and my favorite lunch lady. To Alex Darnell, I leave you the ability to look and sound like Josh Cochran.