Wildfires Wreck Havoc In California

Nichole Vlasic

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The Carr Forest Fire in California began on July 23, 2018. This devastating fire started from a mechanical failure of a vehicle. The fire destroyed more than 1,079 residencies, twenty-two commercial structures, and 503 other structures.

Carr  killed eight people in just a short time of burning. Roughly 15,000 residents were evacuated.  Winds as fast as twenty to thirty miles per hour swept through Carr. California recruited more than 4,000 fire personnel to battle the flames.

Carr became one of the largest active wildfires in California. Aside from the Carr fire, thirteen other wildfires scorched more than 320,000 acres of land. In total, twenty-one people lost their life from wildfires in California.

As of August 27, 2018, fire officials contained fifty percent of the fire, because these fires have scorched so much of California, President Trump approved the request for a Presidential disaster declaration for the Carr fire area, which helped bring federal aid for emergency recovery and temporary housing.

These fires, so extremely devastating and so hot, created their own weather system, consisting of a variation of strong winds, sending mountains of smoke through California.  Wildfires like this grow so hot ,they make pyrocumulus clouds, that look and act like thunderstorm clouds ; they produce lightning and powerful winds in different directions, which in turn causes further complications for firefights.  

These wildfires wrought havoc in California, producing a devastating amount of damage to the communities, including leaving families without homes, crushing businesses, and losing loved ones. Everyone must unite to rebuild all that was lost.