Watch Out or the Zombies Will Get You!


Nikki Nicholson

Located in Athens Georgia, the popular attraction Zombie Farms opened up on October 5th and ran through the month of October.This popular attraction  for the spooky holiday has been running since 2012, and many people attended this attraction for its come-to-life style.

According to Junior Cierrah Wiatrowski, “You follow a trail, people jump out from behind things, yell, follow you.” To better describe this cool place, Zombie Farms consisted of a walk, through dark and spooky woods filled with people dressed up in zombie costumes who jumped out and scare.

The attraction brings people back annually to see what new and scary themes the directors come up with. This year, the theme centered around an old hollywood based story, involving the Omega Corporation taking over Zombie Farms in an effort to control a virus break-out. Unfortunately, in their efforts, they unearthed an evil by opening a grave, on the property, that belonged to an older women who possessed many dark powers. This dark lady, known as the “Witch of Winterville,” over the minds of poor souls who onced lived in the theme park. According to, “If you chose to walk through the gates, you will get to see these poor souls at work. Let’s see who finds the dark lady first. She’ll be watching.”

This spooky attraction not only contained haunting stories, people, and a realistic setup, but they also provide a place for people to take pictures and make memories of the spooky, terrifying night.