Special Olympics

Julianna Nichols

On Friday, October 19, 2018, MCHS, MCMS, Ila, Danielsville, Hull, and Colbert Elementary students gathered to participate in Special Olympics.

Special Olympics took place in the Madison County High School gym, beginning at 9:00 am and ending around 12:00 pm.. The athletes broke into groups of three to five moving from game to game, including target pass, shot spot, one minute dribble, and basketball; these games helped to enroucage the athletes to branch out and have a fun-filled time.

One little girl refused to leave her teacher’s side at the beginning of the day; the girl refused to talk. By the time the first hour passed, this same little girl completely transformed and started making new friends, cracking jokes, playing all the games, and the only time her frown returned was when the games came to an end. Once again, that frown turned upside down when her name got called to receive her first medal. She ended up leaving with three medals which she proudly showed everyone she came in contact with.

The mission of Special Olympics provides the opportunity for all of the participating athletes to feel as if they are on top of the world. At the conclusion of the program, the athletes stand on a podium to collect medals for their accomplishments to capture a moment of glory.

Numerous Anchor club members volunteered their time to participate with this event. Anchor members helped run the games, hand out medals, keep scoring, and lend smiles and cheers throughout the games.

From the beginning parade, to meeting new people, interacting with Anchor members, collecting  medals and praise from the audience, this day forever stays in the athletes’ hearts as one of the best days.