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Fly High Firefly

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Fly High Firefly

Julianna Nichols

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        On September 28, 2018, the junior class experienced tragedy like no other this past year, when classmate Vandra Drake lost her life. Seventeen year old Vandra Drake touched others with her smart, sarcastic, and fierce personality. Vandra worked at Wendy’s as a cashier and met each and every customer with a smile. While at Wendy’s, Vandra made many friends and those people became a family, forever changed by meeting this wonderful girl. Regardless of what someone told her, Vandra always replied with something clever and with a smile.  Kara, her sister, says “She loved to dance all around the house and everywhere she went with the biggest grin on her face.” Vandra impacted the lives of each person she met; she was a firefly of brightness in the sea of darkness. Vandra held a special place in the hearts of all the students and members of the Madison County community.

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