Madison County’s Angel in the Sky

Harley Coile



 On Sunday September 2, 2018, Madison County lost a beautiful, strong, and respectful student. Aisel Flores was someone who meant the absolute world to many people. With her positive attitude, Aisel could light up the room with just her smile.  Aisel was witty and always had a sarcastic remark for everything. She found the little things in life so amazing, and lived her life to the best way she could.


 She was a daughter and sister, but she was also an amazing friend. She always found the good in things, and she never let any of her friends have a bad day without trying  to makie it better.

Harley Coile speaks of her dear friend, “Aisel and I were very close in middle school, and she was someone I would always go to if I needed advice. The two of us were always there for each other, and we always did what we could do to make eachother feel better. When I was going through a very emotional time of my life, she was always there to be my shoulder to cry on, and I was the same for her. I remember the times we would just sit in a room and laugh till we would cry. Some of my greatest memories with Aisel were when we were both obsessed with the singer Shawn Mendes. We would always talk about him, and we even tried to imagine what it would be like if we met him.”


 Aisel represented the greatest friend, she was always smiling, and she always found the good in negative situations. She was there to help anyone in need.She is most likely looking down on all of us now and wishing we would not hurt, to instead  remember her greatest memories. Madison County’s so lucky to have an angel in the sky. Aisel Flores is our angel, and we could never forget her smile. Please keep the Flores family in your prayers and pray that their hearts begin to heal.