Students Spill the Tea

Emma Ollis

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Although our school functions well, it still encounters many issues. Between school lunch and the low school spirit, our Madison County High School students explain the worst problems they go through while attending this school.

Freshman at MCHS, Macey Echols, describes her worst difficulty as, “vaping in our classrooms and at school.” Vaping is a handheld electronic device that stimulates the feeling of smoking a real cigarette. Approximately 16.6% of all high schoolers, regularly vape. This is no different in our school. Students vape around the school, many times hiding the vape in class, and in the parking lot and this definitely distracts others.

Many students consider it hard to come to school everyday for eight hours, but it becomes even more difficult when morale remains at an all time low for several MCHS students. Junior Demyus Watts expressed, “The environment such as the spirit is so incredibly low that I’m just depressed walking around the school.” Numerous students find it hard to remain positive and focused because of the low enthusiasm from students around MCHS. This results in lower grades and substandard attendance.

A small problem that angers senior Callie Ollis continues to be the fact that, “FFA officers aren’t able to park at the Ag building like athletes can park at the sports complex. We are constantly there past six o’clock and we have to walk to our cars in the dark.” Another small issue that sophomore Mary Peyton Chandler discussed was the fact that, “Many of our students walk on the wrong side of the stairs, preventing me from getting to class on time.” Many students face this issue and get counted tardy more than they should.

Along with all the problems each and every student faces, many of our seniors face “Senioritis” every day. Sydney Armstrong states, “At this point in my senior year the biggest issue I face daily is just trying to get through each class and trying to find motivation to get good grades.” Motivation remains hard to obtain, especially when on the stretch of graduation.

Ups and downs endure as a part of any schooling experience, but these prevail to cause students complications each and every day.