FCCLA Christmas Meeting

Nichole Vlasic

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       The Madison County High School FCCLA held their chapter Christmas meeting on Wednesday, December 5, 2018. At the meeting, chapter members helped pack bags for  students in need. The bags included personal care products, small gifts, snacks, and some other well needed items. Chapter members packed thirty bags altogether. The FCCLA chapter felt students deserve a Christmas gift from fellow students. After weeks of planning, they finally figured out how to execute the task at hand.  The Madison County FCCLA greatly appreciated all of the help with this project, Including those who provided the gifts and those who helped pack the bags.

      The club meeting also included a cookie contest and packing of all of the canned food FCCLA collected for the Madison County Food Bank.  The cookie contest consisted of all of the members at the meeting. The task included decorating your cookie anyway you want. Once members finished, they took the cookie to the table for judging. Judge, Julianna Nichols,  choose the three best looking cookies as winners. Members spent the rest of the meeting time enjoying fellowship among friends.