Hallmark is Back

Nikki Nicholson

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With the winter season returning, so does the best holiday channel. The Hallmark Channel is home of the best classical Christmas movies in recent history.

    A unique feature of the Hallmark channel is that it allows people vote on which movies to be added.  This year, people voted to add A Christmas Prince, a movie about a young Journalist going abroad to get a story about a prince, Mrs.Miracle, a story about the struggle a man faces with his twin daughters and how their lives change when a housekeeper comes to stay, and A Dream of Christmas which is a spin off of the story A Christmas Carol.

 So many people check out the Hallmark channel for the classic and new movies that the channel shows during holidays for a multitude of reasons. With Christmas around the corner, many people around the world watch the Hallmark Christmas movies for the happy, cheery endings. The movies express the idea many imagine as the perfect Christmas love story and others where the whole family comes together in the end.

If a family needs a good dose of holiday cheer, sit down with a cup of eggnog or hot chocolate and some Christmas cookies, and check out the Hallmark channel.