Rules of the New Season

Rudy Flanigan

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Many changes continue to  occur for the uprising Madison County Soccer program as a whole; as well as affecting the formations and play by play scenarios, these changes  also contribute to making players better on the field and in their educational life. Coach Rodriguez strives to maintain a studious and disciplined program, and in order to achieve this goal, he imposed new rules on tardiness and absences. Players across both the boys and girls program must avoid tardiness to classes or practices unless they turn in an excuse, and they must run at practice if they fail to adhere to this rule. If a player turns up tardy multiple times, the punishment increases, including short term suspension from the team. Coach Rodriguez remarks “that great athletes don’t stop on the field or the court; they are also successful in their classes and have a high standard they live to for themselves.” Absences also play a critical role for the program. Players who miss school or practice also face a running punishment and game suspension. If a player racks up a total of four unexcused absences, then suspension from the team is imminent. Players can miss practice or school if they have sickness, family matters, appointments, or anything regarded as important for the individual. Players are also asked to sit in front of their classes, so they have the best opportunity to learn during the school day. With new expectations and new rules, Coach Rodriguez plans to build a great and disciplined soccer team.