Nikki Nicholson

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You hear that? The sound of glass shattering,

ceramic bowls dropping, cracking, and breaking. Although not the actual sound.

That shattered sound is the sound of a girls heart, ripping itself apart,

falling to pieces as if it were a piece of paper burning, floating away in the wind.

Heartache, something everyone goes through,

but the severity, and the outcome appear different from each story told.

Each sound of the breaking heart changes.

One sounds like little pieces tearing off.

Another sounds like a glass cup breaking,

the final one, a whole window crashing to the floor scattering, and shattering the pieces.

Those hearts prove almost impossible to put back together, almost impossible to find every tiny little pieces.

Step on the tiniest piece of glass,

it cuts you the most.

Heartbreak, not something to mess with,

you’ll get cut, you’ll break apart, you’ll change.