Lili Hajdu

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They feed you these strings of falsified lies, assuring stability

When in reality, it’s all a house of cards

You’re told that you matter, that you’re not a liability

Why then am I left shattered to glue the shards

If I’m not a liability then why do I feel forgotten

Broken, living in a fantasy where love is love

Where people aren’t so rotten

In a world in which morality reaches farther to above

World left in ruins from the plans to inspire

When all they do is conspire

Against the majority, against the welfare

As we watch complicit, blatantly ignorant without a care

How can we just sit by and witness the deterioration of the American Dream?

How have we come so far to desensitize ourselves to this violence?

We know the fallacy in our system, so we can change the scheme

It’s us or them, we anticipate in silence