Our Past Love

Katie Harrison

Lost and drifting in time,
I give my ring a turn on my finger.
It’s been months that I have gone without you in my arms.
Within each day it’s harder to breath,
Each day becomes another journals page.
“Another day lost in love and time..”,
Is how the book tends to flow.

When I dream at night; our distant memories flow.
They’re brought back to a better time.
A lovers kiss or a gilded page.
But, once the morning lights rise everything is lost.

I let my aspirations rise and cherished each sweet,
Second of the time we had together.
This was our turn to be happy. Your love was the pen,
And my heart was the page.

And now when it was all said and done.
You, yourself became a distant memory, all of you did.

I’m lost and drifting back in time.
All I think and feel is you.
I give a turn on my ring, I can’t let go.

Lost and drifting.
Hopefully one day I can let you,
And the memories that follow go.