Volunteer Ideas

Julianna Nichols

For many high school students, clubs prove an imporant part of daily routines. In order to hold the title of an active club member, students must obtain a certain number of service hours. Because students struggle with finding ideas for their service hours, they also struggle with gathering all of their hours before the end of the year.
Volunteer at a local animal shelter- Visit the Madison Oglethrope Animal Shelter and talk to the staff about volunteering. Volunteering includes playing with the dogs and cats, helping with feeding, and assisting in any other small tasks.
Volunteer at a local food bank- As well as donating, visit the food bank in Danielsville and help with sorting or bringing food.
Donate to drives at your school- When schools hold a drive for anything, donating counts for service hours. Time spent gathering the items in the store counts torwards hours for community service.
Donating blood- Donate blood at the local Red Cross or at school blood drives.
Volunteer at a local nursing home- Go to the Comer Health and Rehabilitation Center and play games with the residents or help the nurses with small tasks for the day.
Donate old items to Goodwill- Go through closets and look for items no longer worn or needed. Donating to stores like Goodwill counts towards hours, including all of the time spent looking for the items.
Donate to a library- Donate old books to a local library (still in good condition).
Participate in club activities: Help with club events and projects by organizing, leading, fundrasing, or helping advisers with anything they need.