2019 Hottest New Artist

The music industry is at an all time high with brand new artist like Ella Mai, Juice WRLD, Billie Eilish, Grace Vanderwaal, and Khalid rising to the top. Pop artists made a big jump in recent years, as two of the top three artists produce pop music.
Grace VanderWaal, the number one rising artist in 2018, first appeared on America’s Got Talent as a fifteen year old, where she swept away everyone with her voice. She received the “Golden Buzzer” in her first performance and went on to win the show. Since appearing, her name and music both blew up across the music industry, moving her to the number one spot as today’s hottest artist. With songs like “So Much More Than This” and “Moonlight” sky rocketing in sales, one might say that she blew up in music.
Billie Eilish, another generation Z artist, made her way to the top. At sixteen, Eilish produced a single called “When the Party’s Over” that reached a record breaking 1.6 million views in less than four weeks of going public, along with an outstanding 1.3 million on her recently released “Bury a Friend.”
A twenty year old rapper from Chicago named Jarad Higgins made waves as new sensational rapper Juice WRLD. His biggest hit, “Lucid Dreams,” released in 2018, remained number one for over two weeks on Billboard’s top hits chart with over 714 million listens on Spotify. Higgins does not plan on slowing down one bit, seeing as he produced his newest single “Robbery” in February 2019. His new single gained over 33 million plays on Spotify and is slowly floating to the top charts list.
Twenty-four year old Ella Mai exceeded in the music industry and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Her biggest hits come from her latest album “Ella Mai” and include “Shot Clock,” “Boo’d Up,” and “Trip,” each with over 125 million plays on Spotify with “Shot Clock” now trending ninety-sixth on the top one-hundred billboard hits.
Many artist plan on making their claim to fame in 2019. Artist like Grace Vanderwaal, Juice WRLD, Ella Mai, and Billie Eilish are rising quickly, so other artist should watch out for the young ones who are coming up.