Senior Wills and Prophecies

Class of 2019 Senior Prophecies
In twenty years, Yolanda Abarca will be happily married with three kids and living on a farm away from everyone.

In ten years, I, Allen Abundez, will hopefully be working in the virtual reality field, married, and living in Emily Austin’s Mermaid World, which Jordan Bailey is banned from for being a vicious person. Also, I hope to be an awesome guitar player.

In twenty years, Jessica Adams will be a successful elementary school teacher.

In twenty years, Abby Alewine will have traveled to every continent and at least twenty countries. She will become a business owner after she gets tired of teaching high school Spanish.

In ten years, Sydney Armstrong will be the president of Emily Austin’s Mermaid World and win a Nobel Prize for banning Jordan Bailey from the colony.

In ten years, Emily Austin will invent human gills and will be starting a colony of mermaids, which will be called Mermaid World, with Sydney Armstrong as President and Jordan Bailey banned FOREVER!! Laney Bales will be Vice President of Mermaid World.

In ten years, Jordyn Bailey will be the last person on earth while everyone is in Mermaid World with Emily Austin and Sydney Armstrong. Mermaid World will be no fun.

In ten years, Laney Bales will be living as Vice President in Emily Austin’s Mermaid World.

In twenty years, Jarred Bolton will be a physical therapist with a beautiful wife and kids.

In twenty years, Emily Bradley will follow in her mom’s footsteps and become a HOT dental assistant.

For the remainder of my life, I, Matthew Brannon, plan to continue living my Amish life having a great wife and a son named Zeke. We will rise soon enough and all will learn to love Amish America.

I, Abbie Bray, plan to attend the University of North Georgia. My major is undetermined.

Within the next five years, Madison County will be a regional powerhouse from guys varsity soccer. Cameron Brown will be a physical therapist making crazy bank and driving an Audi to start with.

Within the next fifteen years, Skylar Brown will be employed either with the CIA or FBI.

In ten years, I, Nathan Burroughs, will have my own fishing business and will spend the rest of my days doing what I love and supporting my family.

In fifty years, Savannah Butler will be happily retired and living her best life on her sheep farm.

In fifteen years, Xochitl Cuevas will be happily married with no kids and two dogs.

James Cutshall predicts that the sight of a steak biscuit, instead of a chicken biscuit, will always bring a slight frown to the face of a sleepy eyed Red Raider.

In twenty years, Nicole Daster will be married with one kid, own a beautiful home, and will only visit one year in the future.

In twenty years, Shelton Deavers will be busy traveling all around the world while eating exotic foods and meeting many cute dudes. She will also still be a ten on the scale of attractiveness. Oh, and she will make money moves, as Cardi B says.

In twenty years, Caroline Dobbs will have graduated from college, be working in the medical field, and have her own family.

In five years, Cherokee Dyer will have graduated from college, entered the career of her choice, and be starting a family of her own.

In twenty years, Renatta Faust will be traveling the world and experiencing different cultures. She will also be a naval officer for the U.S.

By the time Logan Fitzpatrick is thirty-five years old, he will be self-employed, debt free, and his monthly income will surpass $10,000.

In twenty years, Larisa Fortson will be living the best years of her life with a mini farm and the perfect house with eight kids.

In twenty years, Kaitlyn Gaddis will have a dog and cat, and she will be living on a farm. Kaitlyn will have lots of money and a rich husband.

In twenty years, Seth Goodrich will be happily married and a successful person.

In twenty years, Dylan Hipp will be happily married with two kids and running a HVAC business.

In twenty years, Joe Lukas will be happily married with two or three kids, and he will also be an anesthesiologist making bank.

In twenty years, Jose Martinez sees himself working as a nurse and happily married with four kids and two dogs.

In fifteen years, James May will be married with one child, another on the way, a dog, and two cats. He will have a successful career and be making bank. He will own a monopoly-themed car and be monopoly champion of the world.

In twenty years, Mason McFarlin will be a special agent and have a smokin’ wife.

In twenty years, Noah McFarlin be a swole nurse.

In five years, Ashton Nailey sees himself as a successful person living her dream as a musician and model.

In ten years, Erwin Osorio will have a job as a Burger King employee.

In twenty years, Tyler Rice will have a cyber farm which will take down the evil companies of Google and Apple.

In the next ten years, Kendall Rogers will be living the dream, with her dog and Levi, with loads of money.

In ten years, Issac Salinas will be a hippie, cleaning oceans, and fighting seabirds and crabs to save baby turtles.

In ten years, Josie Tanner will be living her best life, stress free, and traveling the world in her future sailboat with her future three or more dogs and like two cats.

In twenty years, Trudy Ward will own lots of fluffy dogs and cats. She will have an exciting and stressful life, but hey, fluffy dogs!

Class of 2019 Senior Wills

I, Yolanda Abarca, leave all of my anxieties to Vicente and Marie Abarca. I also leave them all my quizlets.

I, Allen Abundez, leave to any one who needs it, the ability to do absolutely no work and still pass and to enjoy all of the fun times I had with the Noyz boys (Jacob Bray. Dylan Carey, Austin Shiflet, and Walker Hawks) and the gang (Jacob Dixon, Bradley Dixon, Logan Trosserin, Tate Venable, Matthew Brannon, etc…)

I, Jessica Adams, leave to anyone in the class of 2020 the advice to enjoy senior year while it belongs to you because it flies by and won’t last forever

I, Abby Alewine, leave Rhianna Adams my old sweatshirts and boy drama. To Zoa Patton , I leave the best friend contract “signed” by our triangle, and to Brooke Howell, I leave my weird face masks and late night movies.

I, Sydney Armstrong, leave the stress of dealing with the FCA suit to Macy Mullis, and to the rest of you underclassmen, well, good luck Charlie.

I, Emily Austin, leave Laken Minish my #11 jersey.

I, Jordan Bailey, leave Kayla McPherson my strength in the post, and I leave Mallory Bates my practice jersey. I leave Brady Bates my LIT vibes and Tiffany Wilson my dancing skills.

I, Laney Bales, leave my athletic ability and jersey number to Skylar Minish.

I, Jared Bolton, leave Cohen Strickland the Rowdy Red Raider Student Section for football season. I also leave Garrett Dowell my PO (pitcher only) power.

I, Emily Bradley, leave Cheyenne Moon someone else to give weird looks to in the hallway. I leave you CFA (Chick-Fil-A) and all the shenanigans to go with it.

I, Matthew Brannon, leave Cohen Strickland the power to lead the basketball student section; lead them proudly!

I, Abbie Bray, leave my ability to get there after everyone and still leave before them to Hailea Ayers. I leave my senoritis to Avery Bray. I leave my sense of direction to Ainsley Alewine; maybe next time you can get off the loop.

I, Jacob Bray, leave Russ Bray the ability to stay hydrated.

I, Nathan Burroughs, leave Tamaris Gaines my speed. I leave Laken Minish my smarts.

I, Savannah Butler, leave Jacey Belk the ability to get through senior year without having too many mental breakdowns. I leave Jaiden Parsons the ability to drive herself to work. Lastly, I leave all my tennis doubles skills to Hayley Daniels

I, Trey Brooks, leave the elementary schools my color pencils and markers because we never used that stuff anyway.

I, Cameron Brown, leave Jaemon Adkins the ability to lead the varsity soccer team and take them to state. I leave Eric Bravo my endless playing of country music to carry on, especially Luke Combs. Love you guys, best of luck senior year!

I, Skylar Brown, leave my sister Leah Brown my parking spot.

I, Courtney Cross, leave Chet Cross the ability to convince Mom to let him leave early at least once a week. I leave Josie Johnson my ability to block boys the way she does soccer balls. I leave Jaiden Parsons my ability to know when to move on from a situation.

I, Xochitl Cuevas, leave Alan Alvear the ability to get good grades and not to be stressed. To Cesar Bolanos, I leave the ability to get to class on time.

I, James Cutshall, leave my charming sarcasm and vast array of dad jokes, to my younger brother, Jacob Cutshall

I, Shelton Deavers, leave Caleb Deavers the ability to look almost as good as I do and to make better life choices. To Gracie Adams, I leave my ability to keep being the baddest queen to ever exist and to never stop loving yourself.

I, Caroline Dobbs, leave Nikki Nicholson the responsibility of bringing Little Debbies to newspaper parties. To Rachel Brooks, I leave my newfound common sense to not procrastinate and take the very last available SAT. To Elaine Horne, I leave the midnight demon possessions. To Ansleigh Page, I leave the much needed concealer for prom. To Christie Haggard, I leave the irritation of changing the calendar to nonexistent dates every day.

I, Cherokee Dyer, leave Makayla Lloyd all my Econ work so she may get a head on what she’ll learn in Economics class when she reaches 12th grade.

I, Renatta Faust, leave Sincere Bonds the ability to finish an assignment the period its due; this is a skill that can save his life.

I, Kaitlyn Gaddis, leave Gabriel Willard the wisdom you will need for the next year. Don’t stress out and never procrastinate. Ask for help in classes and turn things in. It won’t be as bad as you think senior year will be. Don’t worry, you got this!

I, Bo Gannon, leave my phone to Grayson Gannon, my money and PS4 to Tristan Jones, everything else goes to my Mom and Dad.

I, Seth Goodrich, leave all underclassmen the worry and guilt of school.

I, JR Hanley, leave the honor of growing a beard and driving a Dodge Cummins to Cole Collins. It’s time to do better with yourself and trade the Ford in for something good, Cole.

I, Mackenzie Hanley, leave Stephanie Ross my parking spot, my closet, and the ability to never do your hair. I leave Haley Larkin my excessive “cringeyness.” I leave Emma Ollis the fact of being my favorite Ollis and the love of redheads.

I, Dylan Hipp, leave my hitting power to Montez Stronman (aka Austin Baddeley). I leave my baseball locker to Ty Chapel.

I, Hector Loza, leave Milton Hernandez the ability to pass all his classes and win games in Fortnite.

I, Joe Lukas, leave Hallee Nash literally all of my clothes and the ability to get through senior year. To Will Whitehead, I leave my locker and first base for him to take care of.

I, Jose Martinez, leave behind faith for everybody. Faith will help you make it through high school. If you have faith that you can get the work done and graduate, then you will. You just need a little bit of faith to believe that you can do anything you put your mind to.

I, James May, leave Nikko my truck “Stacy.” To Timothy Gurley, I leave my Fetty Wap playlist. To Rowan Smith, Willie and Tito Gaines, and Jamie Patterson, I leave my quick feet and determination. To Milton Hernandez Flores, I leave my max level fire spirits. To Laura May, I leave my all A’s. To Roman Sattovia, I leave my science brain. To Kabel Moore, I leave my ability to throw objects far.

I, Presley McCarty, leave Joy Posey all of my attitude (especially to Mr.Cowne) and the song “Old Town Road” to Joy, Brandon Epps, and Levi Schaefer, to jam out to even when I’m gone.

I, Mason McFarlin, leave my locker in the baseball locker room to Adam Echols. I leave my #5 jersey to Brady Bates. I leave my amazing pitching skills to Garrett Dowell.

I, Noah McFarlin, leave my baseball locker, jersey, and the #1 to Ben Bray. I leave my fire rapping skills to Montez, and I leave my “W” flag to Cohen Strickland

I, Ashton Nailey, give Allison Conger the strength I had to finish senior year.

I, Callie Ollis, leave my sister, Emma, my parking spot and the Ollis Legacy. I leave Stephanie my ability to never get to school on time. I leave Cohen my Red Raider Spirit.

I, Riley Parker, leave all of my drama friends my horrendously-timed jokes. To Dayton Gresham, I leave my broken door handle (because he drives). To Wyatt Herndon, Jannah Deter, and Emma Rozier, I leave all the dancing in the world, too much, waaaaaaay to much dancing.

I, Seth Peck, leave the student section leader opening to Brady Bates. Hold it down Bro.

I, Tyler Rice, leave Logan Rice the ability to pay attention in class and the ability to get rid of my cellblock.

I, Kendall Rogers, leave Claire Baxer the ability to miss as many days as possible and still graduate.

I, Issac Salenas, leave Dayton Gresham and Sebastian Fennel the job to constantly annoy and disobey Jeffrey Brian Jones.

I, Jaden Shaw, leave Ansleigh Page every episode of Crime Scene University. To Nikki Nicholson, I leave all my Garth Brooks CDs and my resentment of Gone With the Wind. To Elaine Horne, I leave the ability to run the fan club and all our Native American skills. To Juliana Nichols, I leave the ability to figure out the family tree. To Caroline Dobbs, I send every Danish, swear word, and broken phone screen at Golden Pantry. I also send her the millions of memories we’ve made, including “graaaaham cracker!” To Christie Haggard, I leave every swear word I’ve said the last four years and Lil Shelly.

I, Austin Shiflet, leave Cohen Strickland my natural fade and 3 wood.

I, Brenden Slaney, leave Erin Temple the title of Ms. Bell’s favorite student. To Sydney Cowart, I leave all of my memories and to Camryn Henson, I leave my bus seat.

I, Josie Tanner, leave my sister, Brooke Tanner, the ability to stay silent and attentive in the classroom.

I, Madisyn Temple, leave Stephanie Ross my ability to deal with Mack. To my FFA girls, I leave my camp dances and flag making. I leave Chase West my Anatomy binder and last year on the officer team. I leave Gracie and Carey my love for Zeb’s and Sally 😉 and to Eric Bravo, I leave surviving senior year.

I, Trudy Ward, leave my love and affection to Zoe Patton. To Amelia Priest, I leave the positivity to take on everyday. To Wyatt Herndon, I leave all the beautiful flowers in the world, and to Calvin Ward I leave my locker and embarrassment of college tours with Regina.