Headed to New York?

Austin baddeley

Baseball is known as America’s favorite past time. The MLB and sports shows like ESPN popularized the sport; it also gets viewers excited for the season. However, the season comes with excitements of its own; indeed, the trading of players proves to bring suspense to the marvelous sport.
Not long before the trade deadline, the Toronto Blue Jays traded Marcus Stroman to the New York Mets. Despite the copious speculation, Stroman still made his way to the New York Mets.
In Marcus Stroman’s career, his in-game performances never allowed him to show his full potential as a pitcher. In spite of this, Stroman still had a career ERA of 3.79. He also holds a career 48-45 win/loss ratio. Although these numbers seem pretty impressive, his consistency has not kept up with those stats.
In Stroman’s last full season with the Toronto Blue Jays, Stroman went 4-9 with a 5.54 ERA. Although these numbers may not seem very impressive, Stroman continued to play as a representative for the 2019 American League All-Star game. During Stroman’s first two games, he started as the pitcher for the Mets; he experienced a rough start. Stroman threw 10 ⅓ innings with the Mets and gave up 16 hits and 7 earned runs.
Many people question what Stroman can bring to the Mets. One asset that Stroman brings to the Mets is his energy. The way he jumps, spins, and wiggles on the mound brings just the type of energy that the Mets need. Another thing that Stroman will bring to the Mets as a pitcher is outs. While Stroman doesn’t rack up strikeouts left and right, he has the second-highest ground ball rate in the MLB. Overall, Stroman is a beneficial investment for any team that desires him.