Fire in the Amazon Rainforest

The countries Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Guyana and Suriname face destruction caused by a roaring fire that took place August 15th through August 22nd. With the wetness of the rainforest; a man made act causes higher effects than a natural cause. According to, “ The vast majority of the fires burning in the Amazon right now were started by humans in service of mining, logging, and agriculture. After clearing an area of forest, fires are ignited by farmers using slash-and-burn techniques to help put nutrients in the soil for crops.” With farming techniques like these used, results in forest fires that become very dangerous and destructive.
With 26,000 fires recorded in the rainforest in just August many people worry about the harmful effects. WebMD reports that “if the fires are not extinguished soon, the Amazon may reach a crucial tipping point.” The rainforest is so called the “lungs of the world” producing around 9% of the worlds oxygen. If the whole Amazon burst upon flames, oxygen levels would drop. The Amazon rainforest also takes in lots of carbon dioxide; if we lose a significant amount of the rainforest, more carbon dioxide will be in the air, which leads to a speed up of climate change. With all the pollution and smoke coming from the Amazon, parts of the atmosphere continue to become damaged. Humans around the Amazon rainforest become at risk to repository issues and damage.
Society realizes that the fire remains a huge problem for the world, and the problem still remains unsolved. The fire continues to pose a problem because hardly anything is being done to prevent the fires. Protecting land, buying land, support indigenous people, reducing wood and paper consumption, eating less beef, and challenging corporations helps protect the Amazon and future forest fires. Every little thing helps when the world continues to spiral out of control.