Fair Fundamentals

Kabel Moore

James Gang Amusements only come around once a year in the small city of Comer, Georgia. Therefore, many regard the fair as a huge event, and people come from all around, even surrounding counties, to attend.
Although many people go to the Madison County fair, not everyone goes to ride the rides. The Madison County fair supplies a variety of activities to accommodate an array of interests. The fair contains a multitude of games that offer an opportunity to win prizes. Another major attraction includes food that always tastes better at the fair including, funnel cakes,fried oreos, caramel apples, cotton candy, corn dogs, and boiled peanuts. People also come to listen to the bands who play music every night
Fair admission includes a $4 fee; this simply gets people through the gate Upon entering in, choices began to appear. Many families pay $15 for a wrist band allowing them to ride as many rides as they want. Some people buy only individual tickets to ride the rides, and most rides require more than one ticket. Buying the $15 wrist band definitely provides the best deal.
Madison County fair offers rides for ages child to adult, although all the rides contain certain height requirements which must be met to join in the fun. All rides are fun and risky; some more than others; depending on the height requirement.
Many prefer playing carnival games over the rides; however, these games sometimes end up costing participants a good amount of money, often without the return of a prize.
To win a rabbit seems fairly easy; throw a circular ring around a ducks head in a kitty pool, however there is a certain way a participant has to through the ring to make the ring around the ducks neck. The ring does not fit over the bird’s beak, so therefore, the person has to throw the plastic ring at an angle. If somehow a person manages to win, they rarely get to pick which bunny they want. In many cases people do win prizes, but the prize costs less than what the game cost you to play.
When Fall rolls around, the fair comes with it; it becomes the talk of the high schools and the conversation between friends. The fair offers people a chance to ride rides, meet new people, and deepen friendships. Most who go enjoy the experience and return the next year hopeful for a repeat of the past.