The Anticipation of “The Crucible”

Jannah Detter

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As 2019 comes to a close, the excitement of what awaits in the new year arises. It also means that May is that much closer to arriving which holds what very well might take the place of Madison County High School’s best show yet.
In May of 2020, the MCHS Red Raider Theatre Program plans to perform the disturbing yet intriguing play of “The Crucible”. Although the events portrayed in the play actually took place in 1692, the characters described in the play are fictionalized. For those who possess little knowledge about the famous show, the story takes place in the small village of Salem, Massachusetts where a group of teenage girls started accusing innocent villagers of witchcraft. The false accusations eventually sent the village into hysteria, chaos, and ended with the imprisonment of two-hundred villagers with nineteen of them punished by death. No one knows exactly why the girls decided to accuse the innocent, or if the teens really believed that they encountered the Devil.
This performance contains the promise of keeping the crowd on the edge of their seats for the majority of the show, but it may cause a feeling of unsettlement for younger audiences. Anyone interested in taking part in the play may expect auditions to be held in February of next year, and when the curtain finally does open, tickets sell for ten dollars a person.
This show is going to be unforgettable, so make sure to tell many friends!