The Use Of Technology

Cindy Slaton

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Technology and electronics are widely used across the world. This increased can be attributed to the avaliability of technology to most people in first world countires. However, society might rely too much on the convenience of the devices technology has given them.
Throughout history, people can easily see how technology brought changes and advanced society. According to, “Back in 2008, the technology industry was preoccupied with the introduction of key new mobile technologies, updated computer operating systems and form factors, upstart broadcast TV alternatives, and a bunch of super-hot startups that no one remembers much today.” In the 1800s, they used candles for light; the people in today’s society use motion-censor lights or even lights that turn on at the sound of hands clapping. Technology continues to advance everyday!
With only a few clicks, the answer to any question appears. When something becomes difficult, simply ask google for help. Because of this, people may lose independence and begin to rely on sites like Google to solve their problems.
While technology gives people entertainment and even provides jobs, it also provides society with excuses to procrastinate. TECH.CO addresses this by saying, “Even though part of the goal of technology advancement is to give us more time in order to allow us to do more during the day, some of us are getting the wrong notion of it. They end up wasting time instead of taking advantage of it.” Procrastination may be inevitable, yet this problem drastically increases because of distractions like Snapchat and Instagram.
With these evolving improvements, technology reigns as both a blessing and curse. While the positives of technology mostly outway the negatives, it is important that these fixable problems are addressed so our society keeps moving forward.