Joshua Kincaid

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As the school year rolls into Fall, along comes the tryouts for Governor’s Honors Program (GHP).
This program allows students from all over the nation to show off their abilities in a certain area or subject. Teachers nominate students in certain subject areas, and, if the students accept, the next step involved undergoing a vigorous interview process required to get accepted into GHP.
If students accept the teacher’s nomination, they recieve a list and begin to prepare for an interview with a GHP interviewer. Questions range from “Why do you want to attend GHP?” to “If you could change one thing about your highschool, what would it be?” With questions like these, only the most articulate and well thought out answers are accepted and sent further into the application process for GHP. Additionally, interviewers ask students about their area of nomination. Student nominees are also “graded” on their posture and speaking skills, further difficulting the chance of advancing to the next stage.
If the nominated students make it past the first section, they travel to a Berry College for yet another interview. Containing even more strenuous questions, this marks the point where the good become separated from the great.
Students trained enough to get accepted after this second interview are not done yet; the online application comes next. Nominees answers more interview questions online about their area of nomination and other generic questions. Surviving this final application grants the nominees entry into GHP.
Over the Summer, accepted students travel to a college campus for a four week period. During their stay, students attend classes in the morning and night that revolve around their field of nomination. To fill the time inbetween, students take part in social gatherings and fun games.
GHP grants students the ability to learn more about their interest and learn how to thrive in upper level classes. GHP provides students with intellectual, social, and cultural enrichment needed to evolve into the best next generation for the future.
Junior Teresa Vu says, “GHP gives students an outlet to do bigger and better things, and I hope to be able to take part in this year’s program.”
GHP, for some, reigns as a high level of acheivment, and those who are accepted prove to be highly talented and gifted individuals.