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Madison County High School Homecoming week provides the opportunity for students to show off their school spirit before the announcement of homecoming queen and princess. Voted on by students, the homecoming court nominees represent each class.
Taylor Andrews, Caroline Beach, McKinley Tittle, Miracle Armstrong, Colby Smith, Adam Echols, Willie Gaines, and Demyus Watts represented the class of 2020. Ella Chancey, Cameron Johnson, Ansley Mattox, Dayton Gresham, Josh Kincaid, and Jakiah Hitchcock were nominated by the class of 2021. For the class of 2022 the chosen four consisted of Zee Shiflet, Lindy Coile, Faith Viera, and Ty Chappell. Finally the nominees for freshman class of 2023 include Cole Hillsman, Allie Couch, Sarahbeth Kirkland, and Zeke Blalock.
When homcoming week comes around, everyone knows that there is so much more in store than just a dance. Each day of “hoco week” gives students and faculty the chance to dress up; every day has its own theme. Participating in hoco week themes allows students to come together and show their Raider Nation pride.
Leading up to Friday, the MCHS student body showed their school spirit during homecoming spirit week. Starting off the festivities, the students showed their American and school spirit as they put on their red, white, and blue. Following American day, students wore their favorite athlete’s jersey. On Wednesday, the students turned into animals as they participated in Zoo Day. On Thursday, no one was seen at school; the camo hid them all. On the final day, and game day, the students showed all of their Red Raider school spirit by dressing in red and gray.