TikTok on the Clock

Ashlyn Hartley

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When most people hear the word “TikTok” they think of Kesha’s 2009 hit song, but the Gen-Z generation changed this. To a teenager or young adult, TikTok serves as a completely new subculture. A Oberlo online blog about TikTok stated “TikTok has 500 million active users worldwide,” the equivalent of the entire population of the United States, Canada, and Russia combined.
Everyone heard of all of the trendy video making sites such as Youtube, Dubsmsash, and a late 90’s-early 2000’s kids fan favorite, Vine. For decades, preteens and young adults have had an addiction with making videos for online content, with apps like Vine, but the most recent craze became TikTok; this will become the app that takes over the Gen-Z generation.
The new phenomenon is the updated version of the past app, Musical.ly. On the app, people contain the ability express their creativity in so many different ways. Each day hundreds of videos gain millions of views, but the real craze remains the people who produce these videos. Many users of the app now hold the title of “TikTok famous” from the creation of these videos.
When creating a “TikTok”, a user must choose a sound that he or she wishes to produce from and then film actions along with the sound, such as dances and interpretations. Users incorporate props into the videos as well. Between film chunks, repeating words or copying dances, and adding effects or words, making TikToks, along with watching them, consumes the time of millions of users.
Tik Tok might just be taking over the world, one smart phone at a time. Since the release of the extremely loved app, people, especially Gen Zer’s, cannot seem to get enough. Some might even say that TikTok is one of today’s biggest distractions for teens and even adults. It may inhibit students them from completing their school work and adults from performing their work. TikTok may even take over the lives of all of its users. However, despite its time consuming activities, the joy TikTok brings to its users makes it an asset to the generations.