World War 3?

Vivien Hajdu

The news about a possible World War 3 started floating around the internet after president Donald Trump ordered an attack to kill commander Soleimani. Trump supposedly killed Soleimani to ensure that another world war was not going to happen. Many disagree, arguing that the killing of Soleimani might of started more conflict between both countries. Wednesday, at twelve o’clock a.m, the news issued a story about the death of commander Soleimani in an airport bombing along with seven other citizens. A few days later Iran declared a missile strike, but no missiles actually launched. Iran instead bombed the US base in Kenya and killed three Americans.
Most Americans look at this act as something positive or as something that protects America from any harm. People living in Iran think of this act as an act of war, and that Americans need to pay for their wrongdoings. Trump appeared in a recent interview stating, “We took action last night to stop a war. We did not take action to start a war.”Proceeding with Trump’s words, people understood this action as if Trump sent signs to start a war with Iran. Based on his statement, he tried to stop any probability of a war emerging.
The events that took place made Iran angry, which caused them to look further into the conflict. The same night the killing of Commander Soleimani happened, Iran sent a letter to the United States stating they considered the attack as an act of terrorism and an awful criminal act. Later Iran’s ambassador told CNN that the attack was “tantamount to opening a war… and there will be revenge.” All these statements never terrified Trump in any way.
Going into this, Trump hoped to prevent any issues from happening, but he may have caused a break out between America and Iran. Trump wanted to kill the Commander and move on in America’s future; Iran planned for a different series of events. To see that Trump has not attacked further shows he means no harm. Iran’s continuous threats against American safety has shown how serious they feel about starting another World War with the Americans.