Gyro Wrap

Ashlyn Hartley

Gyro Wrap opened up in 1979 in the sweet Classic City (Athens, GA). Originally, they named the restaurant “Russos Gyros”. Gyro’s included the first sidewalk cafe in Athens which soon became a downtown trademark as other establishments followed suit. Students, locals, and visitors know this Meditteranian restaurant as the “little -hole -in-the-wall” . The restaurant offers endless amounts of traditional Meditteranian cuisine. The menu includes many things such as Falafel Fried Pickles, Gyro Wrap, Meditteranian Salad, Hummus Veggie Wrap, Sante Fe Chicken Wrap, Philly Cheesesteak, and Baklava. Their 4.5 star rating on Google proves how much people love their business and their good food. It’s located on Broad St. directly across from the famous UGA chapel bell and gets a grand amount of business on game day.
Recently, Gyro Wrap made an easy access website that includes their menu, address, and phone number, including a take out option. They provided a link to enable people to print their menu from home as well. When walking through the doors, guests are welcomed with sweet smiles and divine smelling food. Gyro Wrap represents a one of a kind Medditeranian dining experience and everyone in the area of Athens should go.