How to care for chicks and chickens


Kabel Moore, Kable Moore

When someone travels toTractor Supply and notices the baby chicks, they might wonder how the chicks and chickens are taken care of. Chicks require much more care than full grown chickens, just like a human baby compared to an adult human.
Baby chicks need warmth, so a heat lamp is necessary for their care. The heat lamp needs access to an electrical outlet and must be in proximity to the chicks. Because the lamp gets pretty hot, it needs to stay a good distance away, or the chicks might die. They also need to reside on some type of straw or shaving for them to stay which helps soak up external fluids that the chicks produce. However, the straw becomes nasty every couple of days and needs to be changed.
Baby chicks also need food and water. They start out on some type of “chick- starter’’ feed which helps them acquire all the nutrients they need. They need water too, and the water needs to be changed every few days to prevent mold from growing in the container.
As the chickens develop into full grown chickens, they’ll become much easier to care. Just throw them in a pin, and they are good to go. Adult chickens contain the ability to take care of themselves with very little human care. Chickens are rewarding animals. Treat them right , and in about six months in return, they give you a few good quality eggs.