How to Make Friends

Mary Kincaid, Lser

Across America, high school remains a tumultuous time for all young minds. Making strong, impactful friendships proves an efficient way to make it through high school. Friendships may be difficult to conjure, but multiple methods may simplify the friend-making process.
Put yourself out there.
No person desires to have a friendship with someone who keeps to themselves. By becoming outgoing, people allow more opportunities for friendships to form. Show confidence and happiness in order to attract confident, happy friends.
Respect peoples’ boundaries.
Some people possess extremely strict standards for a close friendship that most people may not meet. If people reject a friendship, the rejected must learn to accept that. Sometimes, people do not click, but countless other people remain in the world, waiting to find new friends.
Build trust.
Trust must exist in a friendship in order for it to remain successful. Trust takes time to build, yet it may easily become broken. A quality friendship uses trust as a foundation that continues to grow over time. Easily, trust is the most important aspect of a friendship.
Resolve conflicts maturely.
Conflicts possess the ability to completely demolish a friendship. The ability to resolve them easily and respectfully allows someone to become an amazing friend. When someone treats their friends the right way, it may encourage other people to pursue a friendship with them as well.
Remain your true, genuine self.
The most important part of anybody truly remains their individuality. Becoming somebody else proves beneficial for no one. A friendship must contain a clear foundation of honesty. Clearly, people must stay true to themselves in order to sustain wonderful, lasting friendships.
All of these tips may assist people in forming friendships. Not all friendships form through these methods, however. The best friendships come from the heart and continue to prosper through love and genuine care.