The Effects of Climate Change

Cindy Slaton

For decades, climate change altered Earth’s temperatures; it now affects the earth in unbelievable ways. Climate change occurs when the climate of a specific region changes dramatically through many years. Climate change increased drastically throughout the years, causing the earth to dry out. When the earth, or more specifically the soil, dries out, the ground becomes more susceptible to fire, causing wildlife to perish. In today’s world, the earth suffers from climate change, thus endangering citizens and much of the earth’s biodiversity.
Global warming started happening since before the industrial revolution and continues to intensify. While climate change is inevitable, humans heavily contribute a great deal to the worsening effects. According to NRDC , “The burning of fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas for electricity, heat, and transportation is the primary source of human-generated emissions;” because of this, carbon dioxide (CO2) is produced into the atmosphere and mixes with oxygen, thus creating greenhouse gases and trapping more sunlight, causing an increased temperature.
Wildfires, which sometimes occurs naturally, might often exist due to human society. For instance, humans caused the raging fires in the Amazon rainforest, an ongoing event, illegally for cattle ranching. According to GQ, “more than 20 percent of the oxygen on the planet comes from the Amazon, often called the “lungs of the world,” and the rainforest itself acts as a massive carbon sink, absorbing greenhouse gases” This deadly incident may cause the Amazon to turn into a desert, and along with it, the entire globe.
However, unlike the Amazon fires, only a small amount of people are to blame for the misfortunate events of the Australian bushfires. Global warming also contributed to the widespread fires. While Australia suffered from previous fires, not one being as terrible as the most recent. Australia, an amazing country, now suffers from fires that continue to spread across the country. According to CNN, “ In total, more than 7.3 million hectares (17.9 million acres) have been burned across Australia’s six states — an area larger than the countries of Belgium and Denmark combined.” This fire continues to consume everything in its path, destroying much of the country.
While climate change may cause a great deal of the world’s problems, it is susceptible to being stopped. However, people need to start taking action to lower the risk of it increasing. The amount of greenhouse gases should be lowered, and collecting fossil fuels should stop. Tragedies like the Amazon fires need to stop happening, to ensure things like what is happening in Australia does not happen in future years.