The Effects of Box Dye

Malorie Butler

In the past year the number of teens using box dye on their hair dramatically increased due to trends. As teens apply the color to the bottom of their hair, the hair begins to become damaged. The chemicals used in the product take hours to remove, not to mention how the color leaves a stain that takes weeks or even months to fully fade away.
The color found on the box is not always the case.The results vary depending on the color of your hair before dying it, the texture, and how it mixes with the hair. If the color does turn out like expected, which rarely happens, the color is bland. The dye sometimes includes no highlights or lowlights to make the hair appear healthier or more natural.
When using box dye, going back to the original color costs much more than the product itself. Color correction dye is the most expensive dye you can put on your hair. The $10 hair dye easily turns into two to three hundred dollars to fix when taken out.
Spending two to three hundred dollars on hair correction from box dye costs up to three times more than a hair salon charges for the same thing. While you may think box dye is the cheaper way to go, more harmful, time consuming, and costly than salon done hair. Wasting money, time, and healthy hair, box dye’s effects ruin hair and wallets at the end of the day.
Salons save hair, money, and time. The results of the dye or bleach please customers more than doing box dye themselves. Professionals know how to do hair, and they have more experience than a person using box dye for the first time.
Dying hair contains both positive and negative consequences, and one should weigh the options before deciding to dye their hair.