Student Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Smith


Mary Kincaid

Student Teacher Spotlight: Ms.Smith
Mary Kincaid
American poet Mark Van Doren once wrote, “The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.” Teachers play a crucial part in their students’ lives as they possess the ability to shape a student’s path. Therefore, Madison County High School welcomes the sharp, young minds of countless student teachers.
Ms. Hannah Smith, found in Mrs. Christie Haggard’s eleventh grade class, is one of these student teachers with a bright future. When asked why she wants to become a teacher, she tells a sweet story: “I have always enjoyed teaching people things about English. I was friends with a foreign exchange student, so I helped teach him English. I really enjoyed that experience, so it is just what I want to do.”
Becoming a teacher continues to remain a huge decision for Ms.Smith. Choosing a career may completely change a life, but Ms.Smith planned to become a teacher as early as elementary school. As she explains, “It’s always been a fun idea. I really knew in eleventh grade though.” Other than teaching, Ms.Smith enjoys “reading, watching TV, and hanging out with friends.”
As a highschooler, Ms.Smith attended Wilson Early College Academy in Wilson, North Carolina. There, she decided she wanted to become a teacher. When asked what type of person she was, she simply says, “I was a nerd. Definitely a teacher’s pet! For my senior superlative, I was voted Best All Around. I was friends with everyone and just really liked people.”
Although Madison County is far from her roots, Ms.Smith adores teaching here: “I like it a lot better. It is a much better school system than North Carolina has.” Not only does Ms.Smith prefer Madison County’s school system over her hometown’s, she also prefers MCHS over the other places she has student taught at, such as Franklin, Elbert, and Hart.
Her intense love for reading pushes Ms.Smith to pursue a job as an English teacher. She plans to teach twelth grade, as she takes great pleasure in teaching British Literature. Nonetheless, her experience in Mrs.Haggard’s class has broadened her choices: “I am really starting to love American Literature for eleventh grade.”
Teachers must possess a passion for teaching if they truly wish to succeed. Without a doubt, Ms.Smith possesses that passion, especially for reading. She vows to “share her love for reading with students who view it as a chore.” Madison County lucked out to receive a student teacher as intelligent and zealous as Ms.Smith.