Hovering Hoverboards



Bronson Carey, News editor

The rolling disappointments seen commonly on today’s streets hardly deserve the title of “hoverboard,” for they simply stay on the ground; this problem, however, is on the verge of a solution. Real hoverboards have been created by Hendo Hoverboard for $100,000; which may seem like a steep price, but the multiple uses make it worth all the money. This spectacular invention not only allows its user to zoom through the streets like they exist in an 80’s sci-fi movie, but it also possesses the ability to carry immense loads of supplies, furniture, and other appliances, simply too heavy to move otherwise. Greg Henderson founded Hendo for that exact purpose, using “magnetic field architecture,” to make these useful inventions a reality. Utilizing fascinating innovations that people seek out when they look toward the future, the possibilities seem endless, and the future looks bright for these technologies.