The Red and Grey

5 Truths About Vaping

Emma Ollis

April 18, 2019

E-cigarettes are everywhere these days, and many think of them as a useful tool for people looking to quit smoking and relatively risk-free for new users. But are they safe?   Vaping is better than traditional smoking...

Every Action Has Its Consequence

March 20, 2019

      In the 1600’s, Sir Isaac Newton taught us that for every action in the physical world, there is an equal and opposite reaction. During early years, many teenagers refuse to consider the consequences of their ...

Student Wills

April 27, 2018

I, Ana Abarca, leave Yolanda Abarca my anime posters and my love for Korean pop music.   I, Cruz Albarron, leave Kevin Albarron all my wisdom and advice on what to do and how to do well in school, not great, but just e...

MC Proud of our Silence

Julianna Nichols

April 12, 2018

Madison County High School often uses the phrase, MC Proud or the saying, “I am MC Proud”. On March 14, 2018, teachers and students both respectively showed MC Pride. On this day during advisement, students received the option of...

Gun Control

Pro Gun Control

April 9, 2018

Fortnite Fever

Joshua Kincaid

March 30, 2018

         Fortnite, the most popular free battle royale game on the market right now, is played by people of all ages across the world. Players come with same goal: remain as the last man standing.     ...

The Selection: Book Review

Amelia Priest

March 28, 2018

The Selection, the first book of The Selection series, is full of romance, drama, and plot twists. The author presents the material with such intriguing details that makes the reader want to keep going.  America Singer, a gi...

The Right to Heritage

Danielle Berthelot

March 23, 2018

  Birthright means having a particular privilege given at birth, derived from genetics, heredity, etc. Organizations create ways to fund different events to give people chances to explore their ancestors’ origin. Birt...

FFA Week

March 1, 2018

State Championship


February 26, 2018

          Wrestlers from Madison County High School’s wrestling team competed in the State Tournament February 7-10 for a State Title at the Macon Centerplex in Macon, Georgia.           Josh K...

Studying Strategies

Nikki Nicholson

February 26, 2018

Studying for a test often proves challenging for many students. Fortunately, many strategies exist to make studying much easier and effective. One example of a great study strategy involves taking ten to fifteen minutes out o...

Dr. Crouse Teacher of the Month

Amelia Priest

February 22, 2018

Dr. Steve Crouse received the September MCHS Teacher of the Month award. As well as possessing an amazing ability to teach World History, Crouse also serves as an inspiration to many students. Dr. Steve Crouse’s wisdom also...

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