The Red and Grey

Jacob Bray

October 8, 2018

Name: Jacob Bray Age: 18 Grade: 12th Job: Head sports article writer Reason for joining staff: I enjoy writing about sports and working with others who have the same interests as me Interests: I enjoy playing basketball and bas...

Julianna Nichols

October 3, 2018

My name is Julianna Nichols, I am 17 years old. I am in the 11th grade. I am editor of the calendar and  a writer. I love to write and the class is so much fun. I enjoy hanging out with my friends and eating. “It’s true that...

Nikki Nicholson

October 3, 2018

Age:17, Grade 11th. Job on staff, Writer and head of Raider life. My reasons for joining the staff I love writing and Mrs Haggard is one of the best teachers ever. Interest are reading, writing, playing basketball, and Listeni...

Nichole Vlasic

October 3, 2018

  My name is Nichole Vlasic, and I am in the twelfth grade. My job on the journalism staff is editor of current events. My reason for joining journalism was because I love to write and it always seemed like a fun class wher...

Elaine Horne

October 3, 2018

Elaine Horne 17 years old 11th grade Raider life Quote: it is what it is...

Brenden Slaney

October 3, 2018

Brenden Slaney   Age: 17   Grade: 12th   Job on Staff: Club Department (Reports on FBLA, FCCLA, FFA, The Multicultural Club, and Student Council)   Reason(s) for Joining: I really enjoy...

Lili Hajdu

October 3, 2018

Lili Hajdu Age:15 Grade:10th Interest include FFA, showing dairy cows, and helping others strive in what they do. Favorite Color: Purple Favorite Basketball Team: Golden State Warriors Favorite Movie: Tangled...

Reagan Dowdy

October 3, 2018

Age: 17   Grade: 11   Job on staff: Adventures of Dexter and Myrtle comic strip illustrator, and club staff   Reasons for joining: I love to write and newspaper gives me that opportunity and ch...

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